Vibarrel V100 - STS Industries

The Vibarrel V100 system of a basket mounted to an oscillating module that will make the difficult treatment of parts easy. One or more module(s) can be transported from one process station to another by hand or by a manual or automated hoist system in  your existing barrel line.

They are quite a few easy options to install this system in on of your new or existing barrel line. Please contact us if you do need more information how the system(s) can be installed to ease the handling and transport the Vibarrel V100.

Instead off rotating as in a conventional barrel around a horizontal axis, the products are rotating around a vertical axis. The rotating of the products in the basket is created by an oscillating movement of the basket, without any moving parts of the equipment. Additional to the vibration/rotating of the products in the basket also the chemistry will have a vibrating movement, which will benefit the solution refreshing direct at the surface of the to be processed products. This system can be used for any kind of process to treat a surface in a chemistry electrolytically or electroless.

  • No deformation of products due to the very gentle movement of the products.
  • Higher rate of deposit.
  • The deposit distribution from part to part and within a part is extreme precise.
  • Higher yield.
  • Improved quality of the processed products.
  • Less drag over.
  • Ease of loading and unloading the basket.
  • Products can be checked on quality at each step of the process.